Using mobile phones

It is hard to think of a world with mobile phones. We forget the fact that there were lots of generations before us who could live life without even the wired telephones. They were ready to travel half way across the world to deliver emergency news. Technology has made us all lazy and we are now getting used to the luxury that it provides.

However, we should at least be intelligent enough to restrict the usage of advanced devices at certain places. Using mobile phones at school might not always be a good thing to do. Few of the young ones might forget to turn their handsets to silent mode when a lecture is going on. If the phone rings in the middle of an interesting session, it can spoil the decorum of the lecture hall. It is hence better to avoid these devices inside the classrooms at least.

Some of you might argue that these devices help you stay connected with the rest of the world all the time. Parents will be able to contact their children in the easiest manner when you carry a cellular phone. It will create a sense of security which parents find a positive point. If used in a good manner all the time, these electronic devices can be of great help.

However, most of the guys forget the fact that a certain amount of discipline is s to be maintained. There are many people who hide their phones in between their books to send text messages during the school hours when an important discussion related to the curriculum is going on. This is not something that needs to be encouraged. That is why phones should be turned off while at school.

However, the usage should be restricted. The lecturers and the other responsible ones should make sure that no student uses their phones in between a session. This should be made mandatory even during the practical lab as well as classroom sessions.

During the pause period, anybody can use their mobiles as this does not cause any disturbance to others. The rule should be applicable to students as well as the teachers. Teachers should actually set an example to the students by switching off the mobiles before the beginning of a session. In many schools this is done by the students as well as teachers.

When the use of these devices are restricted to a great extend, it will definitely help the young ones to interact with each other in a good manner.

How to improve IQ instantly

IQ stands for intelligence quotient. This is a scientific assessment of one’s mental abilities on how one remembers analyses, calculates and reproduces the same. There are many tests online that check the IQ and some tests are so prominent and known, if a person scores very well they are admitted into their community and get help to get oneself educated.

There are some people who have higher IQ since birth, but anybody can also gain IQ by educating themselves in that region. So here are some suggestions on how to improve IQ instantly.  Take some risks with your brain; try many sports events if possible. Try games that enable you to memorize and reproduce again. With games it becomes fun to learn. Without fun any learning is dull and boring. So indulge yourself in any games, take that as a challenge and compete with other people to try doing the same, in a lesser time. Once you get good in a particular skill, your brain stops working hard. It enjoys the play, and by practice it tries to lessen the time in which you win in the game.

Always try to explore new brain games than repeating the same old.  Even old people can increase the speed with which they can think and memorize by playing these. Play video games, this stimulates the brain and when you play it out of your range it helps you to look at different perspectives and prepares you for any new game. You may also try cryptology, a message given as a puzzle and you have to decrypt it. This helps to think in new ways. Ways you never thought existed, so all this adds to your IQ- by learning new things faster. Other than this try lateral thinking puzzles also.

These puzzles literally test your brain if you can think out of the box. IQ not only needs to remember the information but also infer what the data may mean in different ways. Not only mental exercise, even physical exercise helps to keep active. Suppose a person work hard physically, the brain tells itself to work harder; this quality helps to increase IQ in a better way. This makes a person strong and fit both mentally and physically.

Expand your daily life, if you always sit on your desk and work off on your computer. Kick start a new style, such that you feel active throughout the day by getting up a couple of times and stretch yourself. Think of new ways to do old things, constantly. Next thing to do is eat and sleep good to enhance all kind of abilities.

Countries with large gold reserves

With the today’s world suffering from financial issues these days, the leading investors and other market personnel are moving towards the reserves of the world. It is obvious that the society will always want to be developed, and not set back due to any reason whatsoever. Therefore, the economists and even the well established banks around the globe are supporting the investments and other economic activities towards the trading of this costly metal. There are various countries which hold an exclusive amount of this metal in their hold. A few of those which are at the top can be discussed here.

Probably the most developed and rich country of the world, the United States of America has official holdings of about 8,133.5 tonnes, as of today. As a matter of fact, this is currently the highest as compared to other countries. This proves that the USA has become one of the strongest powers of late.

The official gold holdings of Germany are about 3,395.5 tonnes. The country is one of the most happening in the world in the field of the reserves. There are controversies that Germany asks back for its lost value from the USA and France.  Yet, the German government manages to provide one of the largest reserves in the world.

Another strong nation of the world in terms of politics is Russia and it is known for its reserves as well. The official holdings of the country measures about 934.5 tonnes. The Russian government is focused on the building of the wealth of the country in terms of the holdings since 2006. It is also working on the production of its currency, the ruble, as the currency for international reserve. It is reported that Russia is often in the purchase and sales of gold in the global markets.

The Netherlands may be a surprise to some for its mention in this list, but it is definitely one of the top countries with large reserves. The official holdings of the country are about 612.5 tonnes. Besides Russia and Germany, the Netherlands is another active nation in the global markets for selling and purchasing of this metal.

As far as the global scenario goes these days, the better the gold reserves, better is the possibility of the country being a strong political power. It is because this metal is one of the most valuable elements, which determines the wealth and economic condition of a country. While the world is having a shaky experience in the stock markets at present.